"Rocca dei Marchesi" farm holidays

Our farm is nestled in an oasis of tranquility in the beautiful town of Churches in Sabbio Valsabbia, outside situations of chaos and overcrowding.

A holiday on a farm by us is not only cheaper but also much more constructive, recreational, and relaxing.

In the vicinity of the farm "Castle of the Marquis," you will find many leisure and entertainment: you can visit famous tourist spots such as the City of Salo, Lake Garda, Lake Idro, you will be just steps from the River Church, a tributary of the river Po a few kilometers away you can experience the thrill of Zip Line Casto of Motocross in Prescot and Free Climbing on the many rock gyms in the area.

You can also hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding the Farm, hike or mountain bike the many trails of the Valley and much more.

For more information on how to spend your time at the Farm and B & Breackfast "Castle of the Marquis," CLICK HERE to go to the "Tourism"

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Email: roccadeimarchesi@gmail.com

Via Silvio Moretti 86 - Sabbio Chiese (BS)

Gazebo sul fiume Vrenda Sala da pranzo B & B