Traditional flavors and tastes

The farm can accommodate from 30 to 40 people, opens at 07:00 and is open until 1:00 am. Booking is preferable to 7 days in advance.

At the Agriturismo Rocca dei Marchesi, you can taste the typical dishes of the culinary tradition of Brescia, in more detail than Valsabbina and Lake Garda.

Among the daily menus can be found in Parma Ham, Coppa di Parma, Salami Bresciani, Culatello, Bacons, Sausages, Cheese Bresciani and Local Nationals.

On reservation can also be prepared suckling pig on a spit (for most people), grilled meat "TYPICAL" (for most people), Nostrano chicken, and grilled polenta, polenta with cheese.